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rustic look hardwood flooring in living room

Hardwood Floors in Yorkton, SK

Hardwood flooring adds character and value to your home. Installing hardwood floors means a major increase in the resale price of your property, making it more than just an aesthetic investment. However, hardwood flooring doesn't need to cost a fortune.


Carpet One Floor & Home in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, has a premium selection of hardwood flooring. There are a variety of product options available for every lifestyle and budget, including engineered hardwood floors that are the perfect fit for the harshest SK winters!



Are There Different Styles of Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring comes in an array of styles, colours, and sizes, so the limits are almost endless.


The different styles are characterized by distinctive features like:





Each hardwood flooring option has different strength levels and levels of wear resistance. There are modern and traditional hardwood flooring options, including minimalist, smooth-grained looks, as well as rustic and distressed.



Which Species of Wood Are Used in Flooring?


We proudly offer several species of hardwood flooring in our local flooring store.


All our products are Floor Score Certified to add to your assurance of quality. They are all legally harvested products and follow the regulatory rules for sustainable harvest.


Our most popular types of hardwood flooring include:




Our products come from all over the world, so you’ll also see a few exotic hardwood species as well. We carry widths from 3” to 9” and everything from fine finish through to rustic.



Best Hardwood Trends

Currently, one of our most popular hardwood flooring options is cozy, country-style wood.


Hardwood flooring companies are taking advantage of technology that allows them to transform fresh lumber into rustic, time-worn pieces. For unique looks, be sure to consider exotic wood flooring types like bamboo and cork.



Our flooring experts and designers will help you choose the hardwood style that best fits your overall decor vision.



What’s The Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood?

Today there are two main types of hardwood – solid and engineered.


Each offers its benefits and drawbacks that are important to consider when shopping for new floors.





Does Humidity Affect Hardwood?

Yes, humidity isn’t hardwood flooring’s friend!


While we can get past a bad hair day, humidity can cause permanent damage to hardwood flooring, so it’s best to avoid it as best as you can. This means checking the humidity level of your room, which our in-house team of installers can do during our free at-home estimates.


Both cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers can have negative effects on hardwood, including:




If you have climate control systems you should be all set, or you can also choose to install engineered hardwood floors.




Where Should Hardwood Floors Be Installed?

Thanks to modern innovation, you can install today's hardwood floors in a wide range of spaces in your home or business.



Should I Have My Floor Professionally Installed?


No matter the type of flooring, we always recommend professional installation, especially for hardwood flooring.


Our installers will work with you every step of the way and answer any questions you have. They will prepare the subfloor, making sure it is dry, flat, and free of imperfections. This step is very important because you don't want there to be moisture underneath the hardwood planks, which will cause damage over time.


Solid hardwood can be installed using two different methods, nail or glue-down. These types of installations are permanent, and your floor won’t shift. Engineered hardwood floors come in floating floor systems, meaning you won’t need any adhesives since the planks click together.



Is There Quality Hardwood Flooring Near Me?

Yes! At Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer the best hardwood flooring in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Our experts are here to listen to your wood flooring ideas and help you find a style you love.


Whether you want a wood floor living room, hardwood floor bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, we have a product to fit your needs. Come and visit our local flooring store today, located at 12 Livingstone Street in Yorkton, SK.

Hardwood's Rustic Appeal

Many of us prize hardwood flooring for its rustic, vintage-inspired design potential and for good reason. Rustic hardwood is a choice you won't likely regret.
light toned hardwood flooring in midcentury modern dining room

Historic Hardwood

Did you know that hardwood floors have been used in our homes since the 1600s? Learn how hardwood continues to evolve today.
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rustic hardwood flooring in living room

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